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in the early 1970s



about goder  

franz goder was born in berlin and lived there his childhood and much of his youth. he later moved with his family to north rhine-westphalia. he studied after graduation at the university in the fields of economics and social sciences. already in the 1970s, he has dealt also through photography closely with a wide range of life and work areas.

he worked in addition to his studies as a photographer and journalist, among others for the "Ruhr-Nachrichten", the "Westfälische Rundschau", the "WAZ" and the "Hellweger Anzeiger". he supported companies and public institutions in their communication performance.

in addition to his studies, franz goder also worked at that time as a lecturer in adult education in the fields of photography and economics.

after graduation with the respective fakultas of business administration, economics, law, political science and history, the last decades devotes franz goder in focus educational and organizational tasks on behalf of the federal state north rhine-westphalia. there were many interesting encounters with some very different people. after his retirement in 2012, he has resorted time budget. he gives aspects of previous actuations more time.

franz goder currently focusses in particular promoting culture and the arts funding. the encounter with creators and artists is a real pleasure. it is a source of inspiration. (see also linking "art & artist betrifft: kultur" on the top left)

photos have documentation character and visual experience quality. in recents times, he adds text statements. this text statements capture fleeting thoughts or clarify points of view. (examples can be found on the left as a link under "flüchtige gedanken")

It all began in the 1960s.
interesting encounters inspired to always new (also photographic) challenges. for example, in the cultural environment he fondly remembers meeting with benny goodman, duke ellington, fats domino and ray charles, with klaus doldinger, chris barber and gilbert becaud, daliah lavi, juliette greco, with katja ebstein and james last, ingeborg hallstein and anneliese rothenberger (to name a few).

from the many encounters and impressions a selection of photographs was created under the label "sound pictures of the 70" (link "goder's sound pictures" on the top left). wikipedia notes have been added to the respective artists.

franz goder was known for his legendary personality-fotoseries (portrait series) in the great outdoors (on location). This setting was not as prevalent in the time. some requests for wedding photos were also met. important to him was going to visualize the personality of the photographed people..

some images from these series were compiled for a photo exhibition in 1977. In retrospect, be entitled "girls in goder's eyes" (link see left "mädchen in goder's augen") some exhibits from the 1970s are reconstructed and shown. they represent faces of the 1970s.



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